Sunday, November 27, 2011

before i forget

the very first time i met you, i was afraid you would wake up from passing out on the floor and climb on to the couch with me...while i was not knowing i was there. i wasn't sure if i should prepare to scream or not. you stood over me for what seemed like 10 minutes in pitch darkness before you went for the empty love seat. we went with jaime for prime rib breakfast in the morning.

over a year later, we meet again on 4th of july. we started talking on facebook. just snipbits every night.

finally....i'm single. and you ask me on a date to a vikings game, with your parents. i was afraid as i didn't want to do a long distance relationship again. we agree to go as friends.

and every day i regret that.

i think i'm falling for you.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Five

Since it's a Friday...and I'm updating...thought I would throw it in:

1. If you could go back in time to change one choice in your life, what would it be?
Don't have many regrets...there was this one time I sent an email to some swim team parents, when I was a swimmer, letting them know exactly what I thought...and well, it was maybe toooo forward and I had my mom in tears. There are times when I wish I hadn't done something, but then I look back at my life and realize...well, then I wouldn't be who I am now, would I?

2. What would you like your dying words to be?
That's kind of morbid, isn't it?

3. If you HAD to change bodies with someone you knew for 1 year, who would it be?
I would switch with a guy, just to get that perspective. And can do we get to know exactly what they think? Because that would be really entertaining.

4. Choose your favorite license plate combination. What does it read?

5. What fantasy world would you live in (i.e., movie, tv show, book)?
Um, hello. Harry Potter world. I want to be able to do magic (however, let's live there post Voldemort, please.)

Travel Benies

I figure I should maybe start posting my trips since the year is half way over. Wouldn't be good to get through the year and not have anything up here, would it?

Trip #1 of the year was an expiramentation with my new Travel Benefits. I had no idea how to work the system except what I had heard from fellow coworkers. So...after scanning a calendar at the dead of winter (January is damn cold in Minnesota), I decided a trip down to Florida to visit my wonderful friend Jenny would be the perfect excuse to get out of the cold and to try out the benies.

Sitting in the airport I patiently tried not to freak out. My name still hadn't cleared the wait list, so I had no idea if I was even going to make the flight. I was 6 months new to the company...I had no senority so there was a couple of people who easily were going to get on the plane. I sat and played solitaire on my new ipod touch (bought just for flying i would now be doing) and willed myself not to stare at the wait list or the gate attendant. And finally my name was called. I was the last one to make it on the flight. Success - Florida here I come!

Florida in January isn't the warmest of places...but at 50 degrees compared to Minnesota's -20, I was ready to throw on the bikini. However there was a cool breeze in the air and at some points throughout the weekend, my poor little toes were a little chilly in my flip flops I had dragged out of the back of my closet.

The weekend was for the most part uneventful. I had told Jenny that since it was such a random trip, that we should just hang out, not really plan anything, and just do what she would normally do on any other weekend. Friday night included a trip to the mall, some chinese and a movie back at her place. Saturday we slept in and that night, we went to a little house party, where I got to meet with some friends of hers...and I actually had a lot of fun. Sunday, we hit up a flea market with a coworker of was the equivelant of a large garage sale at a large outdoor location. I didn't buy anything, but, no lie, did think about buying a fake coach purse. Eating at a favorite restaurant of Jenny's, sharing massive amounts of fried seafood and fries, and ending the weekend at a sports bar to watch the nfl playoffs is how we ended the weekend. I was bummed to go back to her place and pack, but Monday morning I was planning on catching an early flight home.

Jenny dropped me off at the airport Monday morning. After good byes, I went in, armed with my ticket code. Checking in, the attendant at check in made a comment about "if I get on the plane" laced with attitude. Suddenly, my stomach went into knots. I always knew with the travel benefits that there was a possibility of not making it onto the flight. But what all happens if I don't? Walking down to the gate, I kept my hopes high...and as they started boarding the plane, any hope I had went out the window...they called and cleared others on the list and I tried to patiently wait for my name to be called...and then they closed the gate. I was told that the gate attendant would be able to help me schedule a new flight, so with tears brimming in my eyes (i tear up in the weirdest situations...for no reason at all), i approached the gate attendant. She turned out to be such a rude woman. She gave me attitude, she gave me no sympathy, and didn't do much to help me find a new flight. I was on my own...and I was stuck in Florida.

I had been told I could call my coworkers and they would check the computers to find me a new flight...however, they weren't at work was too early in the morning. So, running over to the flight schedule screens, borrow a pen from the rude (ok, well, she did borrow me a pen) gate attendant, I started writing down departures and times to major hubs. The first flight I was hoping to catch was a non stop back home...and the only one offered for that day. The only hope I had now was a connecting flight.

With my list of possibilities to major hubs, and after a tearful call to my mother, I started calling the reservation line. Checking flights, and load numbers, connecting flights and their load numbers...I finally had hope. I put myself on a flight to Detroit with a connection to home, both looking very hopeful. I also had to go back out to ticketing to get my new ticket, which meant going back through security. This time, while getting my ticket, there was no rude comment about "if" I get on, security was about as breezy as it could be, and after a short wait...I was on board, en route to Detroit.

Detroit was pretty uneventful. Had some food. Then once boarded...we waited for an hour while they "loaded luggage." Somewhat suspicious of that, and although it made me impatient (I was supposed to be home at noon. It was now 3 and I was looking to make it back to coach that night), I waited. And finally we took off and I made it home.

I missed practice that night. And a full day of work. But, the experience was worth it. Pretty sure I will be ok now when I am "rejected" from future flights. And excited to use my "benies" from here on out!

Jenny and I Sunday night at a sports bar for the NFL playoffs

Flipflops in January!

Monday, February 09, 2009

I have some big plans for this blog :)

With my new job (not so much new anymore) I get amazing travel benefits, and I have all sorts of fun trips lined up now. What I would like to do is turn this into a fun travel blog. Look for updates soon...or once my job slows a little!

Also's raining. In February. In Minnesota. This never happens. And I hear it's supposed to thunderstorm!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

cutting my loses...

it's 2009. time for a fresh start. my friend asked me the other day what my new years resolution was. i didn't have an answer. i think the only thing i can do is clean up my life and see what i can get out of it. i'm cleaning out clothes, to make room for the new stuff that fits better and just getting rid of stuff i don't need. i want to finish up all my art and craft projects. and probably the least i'm going to to get rid of the boy. i love him, and we'll be friends, i hope, but i can't wait around my whole life, even though i think he's worth waiting for. maybe the cute boy that swung me around the dance floor new years eve instead of my boy will give me a call. i hate their one week rule. hopefully he calls soon...

Friday, December 12, 2008

friday five

When did you last sleep in a bed outside your home? thanksgiving. when i go home to my parents, i share a bed with my sister :)

When did you last drive someone else’s car? ooo...that's been awhile...well, actually no. i drove my dad's massive pick-up the weekend before thanksgiving as i slide on ice with mine and killed the rim on my front passenger wheel.

When did you last cook in someone else’s kitchen? umm, probably at my parents house. does that even count? it would have been before thanksgiving, when i cooked for my mom's 50th birthday party.

When did you last care for children who aren’t yours?
does coaching count? i sometimes feel like it is 1 hour of babysitting somedays...otherwise, it would have been in high school when i babysat last.

When did you last do someone else’s job?
will be in about an hour. gotta push the weekly specials live on the world agent direct webpage :)

Friday, December 05, 2008

Dagny! I know her!

She WILL be at the Olympics in 2012...I may have to go!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

crafty christmas

i've been quiet crafty this year, more so than other years. i think it's because i actually have time. i get my craft and art drive from both of my grandma's, one was an excellent quilter and embroiderer and the other is still a very good crafter, enjoying sewing and cross stich and painting. 2 years ago i handcrafted a christmas blub cone tree, which turned out adorable. this year having my hands on a sewing machine, i've been trying to use up all sorts of fabric laying around. i had fleece in green, red and white left over from a scarf and hat i made my sister many years ago (christmas colors are our high school festive!), and needing a new tree skirt but not wanting to pay $50 for one, i decided to handcraft my own...and it turned out really well! i was pretty surprised with the out come of it and how cute and simple it was. i will eventually have to re-sew the green and red layers together as the machine decided to loosley sew the bobbin thread on the bottom, but i was in such a hurry to lay it out, that i figured that could wait until later. i got the idea from here, but didn't follow the directions at all as i just put it together like a fleece blanket.

this morning at work, i've been searching for my next christmas decoration project. some of my favorites so far:

-these cute little jeweled christmas trees...i have some copper wire laying around...hmmmm

-this christmas bulb window tree...if only i had a window. maybe it can go on a wall?

-i love these chair covers. and i have cute little bar chairs that the covers would spruce them up! maybe with snowmen or snowflakes on the backs?

-i want to line my coffee table with these votives and a table runner.

-and i think handmade christmas ornaments would make great friend gifts this year.

-i also have extra pillow stuffing and think a cute holiday pillow should be made. however, i more partial to christmas trees, snowmen, and snowflakes than santa clauses.

-these little napkins made me think of julie and her embroidering :)

-i may have to paper mache these...however, not knowing how good my macheing skills are, i'm fearful they won't turn out anywhere near this cute.

-snowmen luminaries!

-i made sock snowmen like these in elementarty school and they turned out no where near this cute. maybe i need to try again? because these are pretty darn adorable.

so much to craft and probably not enough time. i'll have to pick and choose. now that i have more time at nights and on weekends, i've noticed i've been doing a lot of crafting, and part of the reason i think is to take care of all of these projects i've started and are now just sitting in boxes or on the floor, taking up more space that usual. one project i started but had to put away due to guests is my Eurospring scrapbook. i have boxes full of memories that can be cleared out and put all into one book. i guess with the possibility of moving in the future, the less clutter i have, the easier to move (a good eighth to a fourth of my possessions are crafts, projects or art stuff), as that is a good possibility for this next year.

i'm also finishing knitting projects i started about 5 years ago. haha. i'll let you know how it all goes...

-my decorated bar table